Ferrault is the third largest city on the continent of Hajinaga and one of the most bustling slave markets as well. Next to slave trade the primary export of the city is various ores ranging from iron to gold and silver as well as gems mined in the expanse of caves, caverns, and digs from around the city. The Baron Ferrous rules the city according to whatever profits him the most and there are very few others who can question his authority or hope to field a force to contend with his small army of mercenaries.

The other major player in the city of Ferrault with significant political power and armed forces is Al’Sharazar the Asherati lord of the barren wastes.

Criminal activity while certainly not uncommon does not extend into the business world in Ferrault. And false dealings within the city usually result in Baron Ferrous confiscating all properties involved and killing their owners adding to his own wealth and power.

((Population approx. 10,000))


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